Attention that needs many people, for that people dressed differently, behave differently and walk differently etc. If you really crave attention from everyone then isn’t a good habit at all and if you want appreciation instead of attention then you are at your best. Craving attention from loved ones is natural but not from everyone. […]

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In Our life at times we feel apology for our unethical behaviour but we do not eternally express our apology but when you express your apology to someone that should be comes from your heart. Sometimes we are late in asking for forgiveness and sometimes because of others reason we usually couldn’t expressed our apology […]

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My first Poem for my love

This poem is in Hindi language because the feelings of words will express in a better way in Hindi language but in English fonts… Meri mohabbat meri ehsaas ho tum, College me Jo Dekha wo pehli pyaar ho tum, Socha jiSE din aur raat wo khayalat ho tum, Mere Dil ki pukaar aur dhadkano ki […]

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