Your Side

People Dislike you, They Don’t wanna listen you, They run away from you, They try to hide you, They’ll try to prove you wrong, you’ll always be underrated, People will let them down who support you, But you’ll always be exists You’ll always win, And I’ll always stand by your side Because you are TRUTH […]

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What makes peace??

A question to all- What are the two things according to you that make peace in this world? According to me- There could be many reasons that make peace But according to me Understating and patience are the most important of them. Understanding of situations, Understanding between people, understanding among different choices, ideas, likes, dislikes […]

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Quote #15

Peoples who don’t have destination They go as theirs path take away… So please find or choose your destination to walk on your own path…. Thank you..

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Why Discrimination???

There is discrimination in every part of the world for instance discrimination in Nationality, Religion, Caste, Name, Colour etc etc. Even civilised peoples also discriminate others, but why so much discrimination?? Don’t we know that we are all human beings? We all have feelings ? People can be different in nature, behaviour or attitude but […]

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