Leads you

Desires leads you to destruction happiness leads you to peace. Discipline and your activities lead you to success And Anger leads you to hell.Honesty and Integrity leads you to heaven.

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What mAttER thE mOsT

In this ambivalent world everyone wants to be a successful one, almost everyone wants to be respected, but to achieve these you have to be distinctive one. Our name doesn’t matter, our cast , our religion doesn’t matter, our looks doesn’t matter, what matters the most is our thoughts, implementation of thoughts , our behaviour […]

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Four Places to get peace

In the full of commotion world it’s very difficult to find peace. We are also not spending time on ourselves in other words we let ourselves busy in other things like on social media, going from here to there purposelessly. I can say that most of us are victims of overthinking. Here are the four […]

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