WOMEN is the most strongest and the most beautiful human being in the world

Yes women is the most strongest and the most beautiful human being in the world because women have to face more physical and social problems since ancient times in compare with men.

Women have to face menstrual period problem, it’s natural but it’s a long time physical problem. Around 7 out of 30 years they face this problem in any condition. They feel very uncomfortable when they are in their menstrual period.

Pregnancy and birth are not a problem for women because they feel happy for their baby but at the time of pregnancy and birth they feel severe pain.

Sexual violence is main and very big concern about women’s safety and security. Around 100s of rapes happening in the world every day, we felt ashamed because of this. The world has became scary for women and women live in fear and the number of rape crimes should definitely be decrease.

Domestic violence is also a barrier in women’s life, some parts of the world, mostly in the rural areas, women has to face domestic violence.

Discrimination is also the barrier for women. Mostly men always think women is not strongest and not enough intelligent in compare with them and they always underestimate women.

Restrictions by society is also a concern for women freedom. Some parts of the world where girls are not allowed to go out for schools and colleges and if some girls do then some people threatened them. If some girls have dreams and they want to accomplish them but some people not allow them to go out for work.

All of these problems not faced by every woman but mostly problems face by all women but in spite of that they have achieved a lot. They have done a lot to this world and most importantly they procreat us. Now women’s are participating almost in every activity. Women is caring in nature, they truly love their loved ones, they beautifully hide their emotions and they beautifully manage their homes which makes women the most beautiful human being.

As a man our duty is to protect them from bad elements. We have to support and encourage them for their good deeds and their efforts. We never underestimate them. We should understand them and their feelings because #nothing_is_more_important_than_feelings.

Thank you so much if you read this because i have written with my all heart which I feel for women


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