What makes peace??

A question to all-

What are the two things according to you that make peace in this world?

According to me-

There could be many reasons that make peace But according to me Understating and patience are the most important of them.

Understanding of situations, Understanding between people, understanding among different choices, ideas, likes, dislikes etc. If everyone will be able to understand different situations and different Peoples so it will be easy to create peaceful environment.

Second one is patience. We all want to complete our tasks at our planned time but incase those tasks wouldn’t completed on time so we feel disappointed , we lose our patience. We became angry and impatience that leads to turbulent.

In this world peace is really needed. So understanding and patience is very important.

it’s a responsibility of every individual to keep patience because a day can be bad , a week can be worst but your life can never be pathetic if you don’t loose patience and in the same way Understanding and cooperation are also the responsibility for everyone.

“Oh My Lord

Gives us Understanding

And Patience”


33 thoughts on “What makes peace??

      1. No thanks required I learnt the value of patience which I don’t have while visiting your blog. Bt hw to implement patience in our life? ๐Ÿ˜‚ can u answer?

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      2. I have only three things to say which I have implemented on myself…
        First your positive attitude
        Second you should be hopeful coz hopeless peoples are 50% already dead
        Third one is your mentality…when good things doesn’t happen with me so I tell myself don’t worry brother a day can be bad , a week can be bad but if today isn’t good so toMmORoW will be definitely good..


      3. Bt when we can’t achieve what people had expected from us, we are bound to loose hope… How can we b postive with hope & patience… I lack postive attitude, if a thing is impossible or not happening, I become negative and leave it for days… Any suggestions how to change myself?

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      4. Brother getting success in everything is not possible…I also feel disappointed and hopeless sometimes but it’s depend on us how quickly we overcome from those situations.. when outcome isn’t positive so try to be happy with your efforts…

        You can also read my one – Reality of life…

        You’ll be feel more positive


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