Qoute 16



7 thoughts on “Qoute 16

    1. Some mistakes are uncertain n we are unaware and we cannot do anything for that but there are some mistake which we do after knowing that the outcome could be bad or worst but still we do…so i m writing in that context


      1. That is true but if the work is necessary then only they do it, if we know the outcome is bad then who will do it… I understand ur point still…


      2. Yeah..
        For example when we prepare for some examination but sometimes take lightly and when the result is out and he failed just by some percentile he feel guilty ….

        We can also take love relationship as an example when people know if i m start to give importance to third person so our relationship will be hamper but still they do…but after loosing real partner they are realising that they shouldn’t do that

        Many examples are there but we should ask to ourselves


  1. I have nominated you for a silly Sunshine blogger award.

    Please go check my latest post for the info. How much do you rate me on a scale of 1 to 10? I have asked this question there but I want the answer now. Be truthful.


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