Four Places to get peace

In the full of commotion world it’s very difficult to find peace. We are also not spending time on ourselves in other words we let ourselves busy in other things like on social media, going from here to there purposelessly. I can say that most of us are victims of overthinking.

Here are the four Places where you can find peace, no matter who you are? What’s your financial and educational status, you’ll definitely get one of the places..

1. In most loved One’s Lap

The peoples we love most like our parents, wife/husband, brothers/sister, girlfriend/boyfriend etc…

2. In Nature’s Lap

3. In God’s Lap (Prayers)

4. In writing blogs

When we feel low, lonely, exhausted, anxiety, heartbroken , depressed etc and want to get rid of this and need peace for a moment so these beautiful four places is really helped you a lot.

If you think there are also some more places so let me know.

Thank you

By murshid_akram

simple boy with lots of feelings_ A nature lover_

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