What mAttER thE mOsT

In this ambivalent world everyone wants to be a successful one, almost everyone wants to be respected, but to achieve these you have to be distinctive one.

Our name doesn’t matter, our cast , our religion doesn’t matter, our looks doesn’t matter, what matters the most is our thoughts, implementation of thoughts , our behaviour , and the most importantly our deeds.

Our deeds define us, if our deeds are good it can be example for others and if it’s not then everyone rejects us and if our deeds are good then the most satisfying thing in this world for us would be our soul.

If you believe in heaven and hell so your deeds not only appreciated in this world but also your good deeds take you in the heaven.

And everything starts from our thoughts so we should purify our thoughts , puts lots of positivity and expels negativity and by the grace of God we all can be examples of Humanity because of our deeds Insha’Allah.

By murshid_akram

simple boy with lots of feelings_ A nature lover_

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