Mind and Sub Consciousness

Your mind don’t discriminate in different things, Your mind can’t differentiate between right and wrong, It’s your consciousness who differentiate and discriminate in different things So is your mind control you who don’t know the difference between right and wrong or your consciousness decide what you’ll do? So what do you think, Are you slave […]

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We’ll try Again

When your day was bad, When you feel like a quit, When you loosing your hopes, So remember one thing only a quote That encourage you , push you to do better, Just remember that quote before you sleep and after you wake up… That quote is………..

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Quote #22

WheN yOu stOp eNjOyiNg anYtHiNg yOu aRe abOuT tO quit tHAt thiNg.. Either rElAtiOnShiPs or wOrk oR anYthiNg.

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