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How Some Changes will Improve Your muscle growth and strength in Gym

In this world, everyone wants to be fit and strong including me that’s why I also joined the gym 9 months ago and I enjoy it all the time. In this 9 months, I have seen many people come and go because this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it takes lot of efforts to build strong muscles. Since I started workout I observed a few things that will help in muscles growth and strength.

1. Relation between mind and muscles:

Our mind plays an important role in every activity. So when you exercise so your mind and the part of your muscles which you want to improve should be connected and your focus should be on the part of the muscles which you want to improve.

2. Regularity and consistency

No matter how busy you are but if you wanna build strong and vigorous muscle you have to be regular at least 4 days a week.

3. A proper way to do

I see some people who came to workout and also give much efforts but output doesn’t satisfy them because their reps and sets were improper, So when you hit the gym so you must be clear what you need to do when to do and how to do, there are some systemic way to do for the best result and you must follow it.

4. Your gym partner and the environment of the gym

A gym partner is who, who help you in doing reps and sets and encourage and motivate you and environment of the gym should be competitive without much of talk and gossips.

5. Proper Diet

When you spend your efforts in the gym your body needs a healthy diet that includes carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins etc. Take proper breakfast, lunch and dinner that includes Banana, Eggs, little bit non-veg, bread, rice, pulses, milk etc.

6. Rest

In order to relax your muscles, you need to take rest and you need to sleep minimum 6 hours.

I follow all these things and I’m really satisfied with the output so I recommend you to follow too.


What mAttER thE mOsT

In this ambivalent world everyone wants to be a successful one, almost everyone wants to be respected, but to achieve these you have to be distinctive one.

Our name doesn’t matter, our cast , our religion doesn’t matter, our looks doesn’t matter, what matters the most is our thoughts, implementation of thoughts , our behaviour , and the most importantly our deeds.

Our deeds define us, if our deeds are good it can be example for others and if it’s not then everyone rejects us and if our deeds are good then the most satisfying thing in this world for us would be our soul.

If you believe in heaven and hell so your deeds not only appreciated in this world but also your good deeds take you in the heaven.

And everything starts from our thoughts so we should purify our thoughts , puts lots of positivity and expels negativity and by the grace of God we all can be examples of Humanity because of our deeds Insha’Allah.


Four Places to get peace

In the full of commotion world it’s very difficult to find peace. We are also not spending time on ourselves in other words we let ourselves busy in other things like on social media, going from here to there purposelessly. I can say that most of us are victims of overthinking.

Here are the four Places where you can find peace, no matter who you are? What’s your financial and educational status, you’ll definitely get one of the places..

1. In most loved One’s Lap

The peoples we love most like our parents, wife/husband, brothers/sister, girlfriend/boyfriend etc…

2. In Nature’s Lap

3. In God’s Lap (Prayers)

4. In writing blogs

When we feel low, lonely, exhausted, anxiety, heartbroken , depressed etc and want to get rid of this and need peace for a moment so these beautiful four places is really helped you a lot.

If you think there are also some more places so let me know.

Thank you






Mind and Sub Consciousness

Your mind don’t discriminate in different things,

Your mind can’t differentiate between right and wrong,

It’s your consciousness who differentiate and discriminate in different things

So is your mind control you who don’t know the difference between right and wrong or your consciousness decide what you’ll do?

So what do you think,

Are you slave of your mind?


Are your soul control your mind?

Ask to your soul….


Quote #23


We’ll try Again

When your day was bad,

When you feel like a quit,

When you loosing your hopes,

So remember one thing only a quote

That encourage you , push you to do better,

Just remember that quote before you sleep

and after you wake up…

That quote is………..


Quote #22

WheN yOu stOp eNjOyiNg anYtHiNg

yOu aRe abOuT tO quit tHAt thiNg..

Either rElAtiOnShiPs or wOrk oR anYthiNg.


Quote #21