Why Discrimination???

There is discrimination in every part of the world for instance discrimination in Nationality, Religion, Caste, Name, Colour etc etc. Even civilised peoples also discriminate others, but why so much discrimination?? Don’t we know that we are all human beings? We all have feelings ? People can be different in nature, behaviour or attitude but […]

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Education and Society

Education and Society both play important roles in the growth of individual or a nation. Both should be authentic and virtue. I have seen many people who are educated but mannerless and behave like a illiterate just because of third class society and there is nothing to say about uneducated people, there are few people […]

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Criticism isn’t always bad And criticiser isn’t always wrong.. Criticism is something that motivate you sometimes and Sometimes also discourage you. I’m writing this blog because sometimes I also criticise others And sometimes others criticised me for my acts. I believe if your criticism help others in developing their skills and future so there is […]

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