Your Side

People Dislike you,

They Don’t wanna listen you,

They run away from you,

They try to hide you,

They’ll try to prove you wrong,

you’ll always be underrated,

People will let them down who support you,

But you’ll always be exists

You’ll always win,

And I’ll always stand by your side

Because you are TRUTH

and truth can never be change…

You’ll always be right.

What makes peace??

A question to all-

What are the two things according to you that make peace in this world?

According to me-

There could be many reasons that make peace But according to me Understating and patience are the most important of them.

Understanding of situations, Understanding between people, understanding among different choices, ideas, likes, dislikes etc. If everyone will be able to understand different situations and different Peoples so it will be easy to create peaceful environment.

Second one is patience. We all want to complete our tasks at our planned time but incase those tasks wouldn’t completed on time so we feel disappointed , we lose our patience. We became angry and impatience that leads to turbulent.

In this world peace is really needed. So understanding and patience is very important.

it’s a responsibility of every individual to keep patience because a day can be bad , a week can be worst but your life can never be pathetic if you don’t loose patience and in the same way Understanding and cooperation are also the responsibility for everyone.

“Oh My Lord

Gives us Understanding

And Patience”

Why Discrimination???

There is discrimination in every part of the world for instance discrimination in Nationality, Religion, Caste, Name, Colour etc etc. Even civilised peoples also discriminate others, but why so much discrimination??

Don’t we know that we are all human beings? We all have feelings ?

People can be different in nature, behaviour or attitude but until and unless if we don’t know anyone so we should not despise and treat everyone equally doesn’t matter what’s their class, nationality , religion, colour, caste, gender etc.

Life is uncertain, we never know what Will be happen next but one thing will definitely exist and that’s your Name and your name will be known by your behaviour , nature and by your work and if your behaviour and works are superior than you can be example for many people.

Flower of humanity will blossom if we make someone happy for no reason, if we help someone in his need and treat like a companion.

Education and Society

Education and Society both play important roles in the growth of individual or a nation. Both should be authentic and virtue.

I have seen many people who are educated but mannerless and behave like a illiterate just because of third class society and there is nothing to say about uneducated people, there are few people who act mannerly and know the value of everything.

All are not alike but all born baby are same but how they grow it’s depend on the education and Society, it is very important to see where they are growing in which type of society, in which surrounding, and which type of education they are getting.

It is a responsibility of every individual to learn good and teach good because what I am seeing nowadays boys ages of 10-15 are having all bad habits like smoking, watching porn, using offensive and vulgar words, disrespecting elder etc etc. They think they are good but they are good for nothing.

Every individual should take this responsibility to learn good and teach good in order to become every individual a genuine human being who is authentic and always stand and fight for truth. Education and Society both should be superlative and exemplary.


Criticism isn’t always bad

And criticiser isn’t always wrong..

Criticism is something that motivate you sometimes and Sometimes also discourage you.

I’m writing this blog because sometimes I also criticise others

And sometimes others criticised me for my acts.

I believe if your criticism help others in developing their skills and future so there is nothing bad in it. I feel happy when my criticism help someone to do so and I also thanks to those who criticise me because , because of those criticism I have also developed few things.

Thank you ..!!

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