Mannerism of a pErSOn

There is lack of mannerism in this century peoples are just forgetting how to deal with every person because today’s people has more arrogance and ego irrespective of Age.

But there are some act, if a person follow then it will be good for him…

Always respect three people in your life

Your Parents

Your Teachers and

Genuine Oldies

Always keep three things with you


Good faith


Fight for three things


Fight with your angers

Fight with your Internal desires

Stay away from three things




Gain three things




Always clean three things

Your body

Your thoughts

Your heart

Always remember three things

Death because whenever it can comes

Someone’s help or favours

Advices of genuine people

Thank you…

Who the hell are we

Someone asked me a question yesterday why we do we waste time in gossiping and judging others? Who are we to interfere in others life, if said person is not related with us?

My Answer to him was

A nice question I must say.. You are totally correct who the hell are we? why don’t we stop to interfere in others life? why we put our nose in others business?,,

These questions should ask by every individual by himself why I do? What will I get ? Why do i fucking interfere in others life ?? But No … nobody ask this question to himself because they are very interested to know what’s going on in others life. They always want to know what others do ,,do you know why because they are loosers they don’t have their own work to do, they want fuck and shit and I always hate those people who are interested in others life more than that of themselves.

Whenever someone interfering in your life you have two options first to answer them in your own way and other is to avoid them.

Avoiding is not the solution i think, because if we avoid few times they interfere again again because they want shit so I consult avoid one time but not more than two times.

Dealing with them is the right way to handle those kind of people instead of avoiding because if you raise your voice and if you break their fucking mouth then may be they understand their idiotic behaviour and may be from the next time they don’t interfere in others life.

If the question is why people interfere in others life ??

So there is only one answer All are not alike.

The beautiful qualities that a beautiful person possess

A beautiful heart is that which understand someone’s pain

A beautiful feeling is that which helps someone in pain

A beautiful emotions is that which favours someone

The beautiful talks is that which do not hurt any heart

The beautiful eyes is that which have shyness

The beautiful tears is that which come out after feeling someone’s pain

A beautiful hand is that which holds or never let someone’s in their hard times

The beautiful walk is that which walk for when someone is in need

A beautiful thought is that which thinks good for others


A beautiful is the person to whom the God is gifted these qualities…

WOMEN is the most strongest and the most beautiful human being in the world

Yes women is the most strongest and the most beautiful human being in the world because women have to face more physical and social problems since ancient times in compare with men.

Women have to face menstrual period problem, it’s natural but it’s a long time physical problem. Around 7 out of 30 years they face this problem in any condition. They feel very uncomfortable when they are in their menstrual period.

Pregnancy and birth are not a problem for women because they feel happy for their baby but at the time of pregnancy and birth they feel severe pain.

Sexual violence is main and very big concern about women’s safety and security. Around 100s of rapes happening in the world every day, we felt ashamed because of this. The world has became scary for women and women live in fear and the number of rape crimes should definitely be decrease.

Domestic violence is also a barrier in women’s life, some parts of the world, mostly in the rural areas, women has to face domestic violence.

Discrimination is also the barrier for women. Mostly men always think women is not strongest and not enough intelligent in compare with them and they always underestimate women.

Restrictions by society is also a concern for women freedom. Some parts of the world where girls are not allowed to go out for schools and colleges and if some girls do then some people threatened them. If some girls have dreams and they want to accomplish them but some people not allow them to go out for work.

All of these problems not faced by every woman but mostly problems face by all women but in spite of that they have achieved a lot. They have done a lot to this world and most importantly they procreat us. Now women’s are participating almost in every activity. Women is caring in nature, they truly love their loved ones, they beautifully hide their emotions and they beautifully manage their homes which makes women the most beautiful human being.

As a man our duty is to protect them from bad elements. We have to support and encourage them for their good deeds and their efforts. We never underestimate them. We should understand them and their feelings because #nothing_is_more_important_than_feelings.

Thank you so much if you read this because i have written with my all heart which I feel for women

A worst time is a good experience of life

A worst time comes in everyone’s life at a certain point of time where we feel broken, helpless, looser etc, and it’s affect us badly but it’s normal because it’s also a part of life.

We should accept difficulties in the same way as we accept happiness because life is made of happiness and sadness together.

The question is how should we handle the worst situations in our life???

According to me we should be positive and hopeful and we always believe in ourselves. The most important thing is we should never lose our hope because hope is the best part of life and no one can take it back from you, it’s only depends upto how long you can be hopeful.

In worst time you are the only person who know your situation better than others and only you will have to find ways to came out from worst situations of your life because others only can give you suggestions. Remember one thing that difficult roads often lead you to beautiful destination. Take worst situations of life your life as a lesson and I must say this lesson will help you a lot to be a successful person.

We should read successful people’s stories how they handled their worst situations in their life and we should learned from them.

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Expectation in life

In everyone’s life expectation has great impact.we expect from person we love.we expect from different kind of things.if we say expectation is a part of our daily life so it will not be wrong.
So what do you think expectation is good or bad???

Should we expect anything from anyone?
I think we shouldn’t much expect from anyone because if that will not be happen then you will get upset.

Sometimes we get unexpected happiness and sometimes we are depressed which is unexpected and it’s normal because it happens all the time with us.

In the today’s world some peoples are busy in their own life and there are also some people who don’t do well in their own life but do evil of those who do it or they hate successful people just because they are loosers.

The more you expect the more you feel bad if that expectation will not be complete.
Almost many reasons of upsetness is expectations because we expect from everything like from our work,friends,family etc but very rarely this expectation is complete,then we feel sad.

So the moral is we should not expect much from anything or anyone.
Expect from yourself and complete it by yourself.

Which things I have learnt as a Novice

Here are features of attractive blog

1. Content should be informative which help people in anyway in their life.

2. Blog should be comprehensive and attractive.

3. A listicals blogs do not look professional but can be attractive.

4. Content should be based on people’s view on different matters according to trends on social media or in newspapers.

5. A blog can also be attractive if we write on some eminent personalities who are trending

6. You can also write blog about your personal experiences in your life likes traveling, excercising, games etc.

7. Your blog can be attractive if you write on current affairs and upcoming events

8. There should be regularity in blog writing

9. A blog can be more attractive by adding images and videos

10. Most important thing which I feel we have to be passionate and dedicated.

If you have more knowledge regarding #blog_writing so please share with me I will be thankful to you.

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